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The following four themes (with constant consideration of their synergies and conflicts) will guide the Hub’s agenda and activities through the first two years: 

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Resilient Covid-19 Recovery 

  • Achieve a sustainable economic recovery from Covid-19  

  • Improve tourism sustainability and begin a shift towards a knowledge economy  

  • Increase resilience against future shocks such as climate change and pandemics 

Conservation and Circular Economy

  • Reverse species’ declines and ecosystem degradation 

  • Improve detection and management of invasive species and maintain ecological isolation 

  • Increase local education around, and participation in, conservation activities 

  • Reduce waste and support a transition to a circular economy 

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Innovation in Energy Transition

  • Pilot innovative, scalable ideas aimed at sustaining energy resources whilst reducing carbon emissions 

  • Improve clean drinking water availability across the inhabited islands 

WEF Nexus

  • Increase food security and local production 

  • Improve management of the agricultural areas 

  • Increase sustainability of food systems, including both fishing and farming 

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