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What is resilience?

For a community, resilience is the ability to use its resources and capacities to absorb, resist and recover from the effects of shocks. These shocks could include environmental hazards, such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes, hydrometeorological events related to climate change, economic crises or pandemics. The Covid-19 crisis has brought crisis preparedness and resilience to the fore in many communities.

In the forum below, we invite you to participate in discussions about what resilience means in the context of Galapagos. According to interviews with the Galapagueños in the summer of 2020, four themes (which we present below) have emerged as a priority for building resilience in the islands.

As a new 'Center for Innovation and Resilience' is proposed for Galapagos, we invite you to share your views on these issues using the forum below, to continue this conversation that will help design new research and policy projects to support a resilient transition in Galapagos. In parallel, a series of focus groups will be held with the Galápagueños in June 2021 to discuss these inputs and contribute to identifying research and innovation agendas.

Thematic Areas

Theme 2

Theme 4

Theme 3

Theme 1

Resilient Covid-19 Recovery

  • Achieve a sustainable economic recovery from Covid-19

  • Improve tourism sustainability and begin a shift towards a knowledge economy

  • Increase resilience against future shocks such as climate change and pandemics

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