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Sustainability, Resilience and Innovation Hub

The creation of a Sustainability, Innovation and Resilience Hub, built on foundations of research collaboration, education and capacity-building, will assist in the realisation of these aims and support a transition within the islands away from an over-reliance on tourism and toward a knowledge economy.  

The Galapagos Hub for Sustainability, Innovation and Resilience is a collaborative network space to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Its launch took place in May 2021, it is made up of 8 institutions and has funding from the COmON Foundation. The 'Galapagos Hub for Sustainability, Innovation and Resilience' (Galapagos Hub) is one of the seven existing 'Hubs' in Ecuador.


During the first phase of establishment of the Galapagos Hub in 2021, the First Hub Planning Workshop was held. Three activities were developed in this workshop: a) the conceptual pillars on which the work of the Galapagos Hub will be framed in the next two years, b) the definition of the thematic lines that guide the development of actions within the Galapagos Hub , and c) the identification of institutions that, due to greater affinity, experience and interest, are more closely related to one theme or another (Figure 1). Within the next planning phase, February 23-25, 2022, the second workshop of the Galapagos Hub was held, an event that was planned to meet three main objectives: a) develop the conceptual model of operation of the Hub, b) define the Work Plan for the Galapagos Hub for the period March 2022 - February 2023, and c) identify the products and deliverables and those responsible for this period.


Pillars and themes defined as priorities in the 2022-2023 Galapagos Hub Work Plan.

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